Lead Developer


Bubble Breeze Pop is a puzzle game for mobile made in Unity. It was released in December of 2017 after eight months of development.

As part of the core team of two the project offered me many responsibilities, challenges and opportunities to learn. We planned all our work ourselves, divided into milestones based on a Minimum Valuable Product model. We worked towards these milestone in short sprints, making sure to review our progress along the way. We delivered all the code, VFX and animations in the game.

What I Learned

Due to the high amount of competition in the genre, we knew that we had to aim for the sky when it came to the look and feel of the game. This meant learning a great deal of VFX and animation work. I’m very proud of what we managed to achieve.

When it comes to programming I have a much deeper understanding of class structures and code flow.


WordWhizzle Mix


Solo Developer

[Project Management]

WordWhizzle Mix is a word game for mobile made in Unity. It was released in April of 2017 after six months of development.

As the lone developer as well as it being my first project after joining Apprope, WordWhizzle Mix was very challenging and fun. I got to introduce new management practices related to planning and evaluation as well as absorb a ton of knowledge from my new colleagues thanks to their extensive experience creating word games.

What I Learned

Successfully delivering this project involved me learning how to integrate third party SDKs to setup In App Purchases, Advertising and Analytics. I also had to learn how to analyze user behaviour to improve the player experience as well as increase revenue.

Amarok 360


Solo Developer


Amarok360 is a virtual reality mobile app made in Unity with the Google Cardboard SDK. The app allows users to experience Volkswagen's Amarok model in a virtual reality environment. I developed the app as a freelancer in the fall of 2016.

As the sole developer on the project it was my responsibility to deliver all features. This included in app functionality, UI and implementation of art and sound assets.

What I Learned

Creating a photorealistic virtual reality environment required huge uncompressed textures that don’t really fit inside a mobile application. I had to learn all about asset bundles and web classes to create a system for downloading and applying textures from an online server.